Mahavir Transmission Ltd is a professionally managed group in Power distribution & transmission sector involved in executing contracts for national & international power sector utilities & contractors since 1995.

Company Philosophy

Leverage Organization Inherent Strenghts to deliver
maximum output using minimum resources

Company Motto

More and More from less and less


To become the market leader in conductors
To become industry benchmark for quality
To provide best custumer support services

Work Philosophy and Organization Values

The Organization has achieved success due to its strong fundamentals and philosophy. Customer satisfaction is one of the key areas on which the management stresses a lot.

It has been incorporated as the primary guideline for all commercial activities. A big share of the organization’s success is also attributed to its young and dynamic work force which is always eager to accept new challenges.

At MTL a lot of emphasis is laid upon Organizational Values which has helped the company in staying focused and achieving targets year on year.

Dedication, Commitment, Integrity and hardwork are values which each and every member of the organization understands perfectly. At each level be it individual or group activity, shop floor or boardroom; conscious efforts are made to simplify, refine and up-grade processes. This increases our effectiveness and efficiency to do more and more from less and less.

Quality Assurance

We exercise rigid quality control at all the stages of the product manufacturing cycle. The testing starts with the incoming material and after each process further testing is carries out. Once the finished product is ready then a final testing of all the parameters is done and then the material is forwarded to the packing dept. Further before loading of the material for dispatch checking is done for packing quality and handling damages if any.
Our products have been approved by the Bureau of Indian Standards and we have been licensed to put their mark on our products. We have got ISO 9001: 2008 certifications from JAS- ANZ (A JV between the govt. of Australia and New Zealand)
Our products have also been tested and approved by various electricity boards and 3rd party inspection agencies like RITES, TATA PROJECTS, ERDA & international firms like SGS, INTERTEK, etc. All our products have been Type Tested in NABL accredited Reputed Laboratories such as NTH, ERDA, CPRI, NSIC etc.